Environment & Manufacturing Process
Eco-Fencing is manufactured from 92% recycled materials. Environmentally Friendly
In using Eco-Fencing you can be assured that you are protecting the world's natural resources and helping to preserve the planet for future generations. PVC-u has been evolved since the 1940's and has become universally used, cost effective, adaptable, safe and an environmentally efficient material.
1. PVC-U waste waiting to be processed. 2. Waste is sourced from around the UK. 3. Waste entering the processing plant.
4. After being broken down and graded, it then moves onto the next phase. 5. Once the waste has been washed and all impurities removed, it is then processed to the pellet form. 6. Recycled waste ready to be turned into Eco-Fencing.

Watermarks And Quality

Please note as we are replicating the characteristics of timber and working with recycled material, products will vary in shade and texture. Some boards will have no grain and others will have grain effect, different shades may also occur to form a variable appearence, some products may also show the inner core material. All these effects are normal and part of the manufacturing process and in no way affect the longevity of Eco Fencing. All photographs are for illustration purposes only and actual colours and shades may vary. The material will become lighter in appearence over time in much the same way as timber does. The warranty does not cover any changes to the colour of the product due to natural weathering, shade or colour variations, pigment residue or skin imperfections, storm damage or acts of god